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TOPDON Artidiag 900BT

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The Upgraded All-in-One Vehicle Diagnostic Tool for 2023, with Excellent Bi-directional Control and ECU Coding Online
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  • TOPDON Artidiag 900BT
  • TOPDON Artidiag 900BT
  • TOPDON Artidiag 900BT
  • TOPDON Artidiag 900BT
  • TOPDON Artidiag 900BT
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TOPDON Artidiag 900BT

Professional Diagnostics Within Reach

The ArtiDiag900 BT empowers technicians to break free from the limits of wires, providing unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Supporting 28 maintenance services and full system diagnostics for 130+ brands, the ArtiDiag900 BT unlocks maximum productivity and efficiency in your vehicle repairs. ECU coding helps to optimize your car’s performance and customize its features; Bidirectional control allows technicians to communicate with vehicle systems and components to locate the vehicle’s issue with efficiency and accuracy. All of these functions are performed without one cable, instead using the wireless Bluetooth VCI to bring more flexibility for wireless diagnosis.

Designed with comprehensive functionalities including AutoVIN, FCA Gateway Access and graphical data displays, the ArtiDiag900 BT is a reliable and convenient solution for DIYers, professional mechanics, and auto shops.


Access to Your Maximum Productivity

With 28 advanced service functions at your disposal, rest assured that you are equipped to make a car roadworthy. Use functions like Oil Resets, SAS Resets, Brake Resets, ABS Bleeding, and DPF. The ArtiDiag900 BT scanner also supports more special functions for various car brands. For more special functions, refer to the Special Function Menu in a specific system.

Covers Most Adavanced Coding Jobs

The ArtiDiag900 BT is equipped with advanced ECU coding capabilities that allow you to unlock hidden functions and disable unnecessary features with ease. From enabling single door unlocking, to fuel amount displays, and auto engine start-stops, this tool provides endless possibilities for customizing your driving experience. It's also a great choice for coding a new ECU after replacing an old one, such as a light module or ABS module.

Efficiently Troubleshoot Vehicle Issues

Say goodbye to the frustration of vehicles issues with Bidirectional control. The ArtiDiag900 BT’s bidirectional capabilities allows for individual tests to be performed on single actuators, helping to identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. The ArtiDiag900 BT covers a wide range of vehicle components, including lights, door locks, fuel injectors, fuel pumps, coolant pumps, windows, windshield wipers, EVAPs, and more.

Wireless Diagnostics Anywhere

The ArtiDiag900 BT features Bluetooth connectivity with a range of up to 10 meters, allowing for diagnostic capabilities without the constraints of traditional diagnostic cables. With the VCI integrated into the tablet, this diagnostic tool is portable and easy to store, making it a convenient solution for diagnosing vehicle issues anytime and anywhere.

Advanced Diagnostic Capabilities

It can perform comprehensive scans on over 130 popular brands such as BMW, BENZ, JAGUAR, CHRYSLER, FIAT, GM, FORD, HONDA, and more. You can read module information, clear fault codes, and read data streams for all systems, including engine, transmission, airbag, ABS, ESP, TPMS, immobilizer, gateway, steering, radio, and air conditioning. Get your hands on the ArtiDiag900 BT scanner now and get vehicles running at their best.

AutoVIN Gets You Started Instantly

Experience professional diagnostics at your fingertips with the ArtiDiag900 BT. Its AutoVIN function automatically identifies vehicle information, such as make, model, and year of manufacture, so you can get started with your diagnostics right away. Don’t waste time inputting vehicle information manually. Compatible with vehicles made after 2004.

Clear Fault Codes With One-Click

With the "Health Report" function of the ArtiDiag900 BT, you can quickly detect and clear fault codes from all vehicle systems with just one click. Additionally, the "Report" function allows you to save and share fault code reports effortlessly.

FCA Gateway Access

With the ArtiDiag900 BT’s FCA Gateway Access, you can effortlessly work on modern makes and adjust protected functions such as clearing DTCs, bidirectional tests, and calibrations. The ArtiDiag900 BT supports Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and other major brands.

Master Data Streams

The ArtiDiag900 BT is capable of processing and analyzing data streams with a high level of expertise, enabling technicians to quickly and accurately identify the root cause of vehicle issues. With the ability to display up to 4 data streams in a single graphical interface, users can evaluate vehicle performance and make precise and efficient decisions based on comparative data.

Check Vehicle Compatibility in Seconds

Easily determine if your device is compatible with your vehicle using the Vehicle Coverage list feature. Enter the Device Model, Vehicle Series, Vehicle Model, Year, and Function you would like to perform on your car, the Vehicle Coverage Lookup function can help you check whether the device is applicable to your vehicle, supporting several brands.

Keep Your Diagnostic Process Smoother

Equipped with an upgraded 4-core 1.8Ghz CPU, the ArtiDiag900 BT operates with greater speed and efficiency, providing a smoother user experience. With a 6300mAh battery that provides up to 11 hours of battery life with the screen on, the ArtiDiag900 BT is the perfect tool for automotive diagnostics on the go.

TOPDON offers a complimentary 2-year subscription to software updates for our products, ensuring that our customers always have access to the latest features with just one click.

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